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Cable selection Guide

It is important to use the correct cable when using accelerometers.
Do you know the difference between low noise and non-low noise cable other than the price? Do you know about triboelectric noise effects?
DJB Instruments hold a huge stock of different cable types and sizes to suit all accelerometers. We make all cables to order and can turnaround urgent orders within 24 hours. We also have a cable repair service with a majority of failures occuring at the connector. 

Softline Low Noise Cable for use with Charge or IEPE accelerometers / sensors

Code DescriptionMax Temp   O/D
PFA Jacket - coaxial screened200°C          0.8mm     
T10FEP Jacket - coaxial screened200°C1.0mm
T18PFA Jacket - coaxial screened260°C1.8mm
T23PTFE jacket - screened twin core260°C2.3mm
P39PVC jacket - coaxial extendable coil       80°C3.9mm
P45PVC jacket - coaxial screened85°C4.5mm
P52PVC jacket - screened twin core60°C4.5mm

Softline Non-Low Noise Cable for use with IEPE accelerometers / sensors

Code    Description   Max Temp   0/D    
S18FEP jacket - coaxial screened200°C1.8mm 
S28PVC jacket - coaxial screened70°C2.8mm
S30FEP jacket - coaxial double screened200°C3.0mm
S51PVC jacket - coaxial screened80°C5.0mm  
SC42stainless steel overbraided screened twin core    120°C4.2mm


Softline Multi Core Cable

Description    O/DMax TempO/D
LT17FPA jacket - 3 core low noise screened    260°C0.8mm
ET25FEP jacket - 4 core screened200°C2.5mm
SM35PVC jacket - 4 core screened80°C3.5mm
ET36FEP jacket - 9 core cable200°C3.6mm


Hardline High Temperature Cable - Stainless steel jacket with Mineral Insulation

Code      Description  Max Temp     O/D  
HL15Stainless steel mineral insulated - twin core      800°C1.5mm
HL30Stainless steel mineral insulated - twin core800°C3.0mm
HL25Stainless steel mineral insulated - triaxial800°C2.5mm