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The latest news from DJB Instruments UK Ltd

DJB Instruments' ISO9001 Re-certification: A Commitment to Quality

Successfully completing the ISO9001 re-certification audit is a significant achievement for any company, and DJB Instruments is no exception. This year, our team, as well as generating above target business growth, demonstrated a high level of compliance, resulting in only one minor non-conformance identified during the audit.

TEDS is now an option on DJB IEPE sensors

TEDS is a standard defined by the IEEE 1451.4 protocol which allows for self-identification and self-description of sensors, in this context, accelerometers. An accelerometer with TEDS contains an embedded microchip that stores key information about the accelerometer, such as Manufacturer, Model number, Serial number, Calibration data, Sensitivity, Units of measure and Measurement range.​

To optimise efficiency and enhance your test programmes, we now offer the option of TEDS (Transducer Electronic Data Sheet) on all of our voltage output sensors.

New Tapped Base Miniature Triaxial Accelerometer Launched

DJB Instruments is pleased to announce the launch of a new version of the popular miniature triaxial accelerometer, the AT/10 IEPE type and AT/01 charge type. These low mass miniature triaxials accommodate a tapped base for removable stud mounting.