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Cable Repair Service

DJB Instruments Uk are proud to lead the way with their green approach to cable recycling. Over time users often accumulate boxes of broken cables, but are driven to buy new by other suppliers in the marketplace who refuse to repair cables. As a majority of connectors used are standardised (10-32UNF microdot, BNC for example), DJB are able to offer a test and repair service for almost any cable from any supplier. A majority of cable failures occur due to damage or wear to one of the connectors, by removing and refitting a new connector the cable is as good as new at a fraction of the cost and with hardly any reduction in the usable cable length. Did you know that most common signal cables have a jacket and insulator made from some form of PTFE which can be toxic during decomposition. Repairing your cables is kinder to the environment too.

DJB offers a specialist service all based in-house to ensure your readings remain accurate with a clean bill of health on each cable you use. 
Give us a ring or send in an enquiry to see how we can best help.