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High Shock IEPE Accelerometers

Voltage Output - IEPE Accelerometers feature an integrated circuit in the form of a built in charge to voltage converter (QVC), requiring minimal instrumentation to connect the accelerometer to a data acquisition system. The hybrid QVCs implemented in our IEPE accelerometers generate a low impedance, noise immune voltage proportional to the input charge. These hybrid QVCs allow for any kind of cable to be used with the Accelerometer. The high shock range of IEPE accels feature built in filtering at 10,000g and above to reduce high frequency ringing, the A/16X range can be used with our range of triaxial mounting blocks FB1 and FB2 for high shock triaxial measurements. Alternatively our A/130/V.1 triaxial accel with built in sensors can be used up to 5000g testing where installations are more restricted, this can also be provided with a mounting plate to allow for mounting on a curved or oddly shaped test surface A/130.Shim

Model Image Sensitivity Weight Temperature Range
High Shock Monoaxial IEPE Accelerometers
A/161 A161a 0.5mV/g 10gm -40°C to 121°C
A/162 A162a 0.2mV/g 10gm -40°C to 121°C
A/163 A163 0.1mV/g 16gm -40°C to 121°C