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Aerospace Applications

There are many different test applications that fall under the ‘Aerospace’ market heading, one that fascinates many is outer space. DJB supplies numerous companies involved in satellite development, test and build; one particular application is summarised below, this typifies the additional considerations of testing anything with respect to the environmental conditions of space. Satellites are destined for a tough environment, space can be both extreme cold and extreme heat, with high radiation risk and ultra-low vacuum. In addition, to achieve orbit they undergo significant vibration and sound levels causing high stresses during the launch phase, so there is much to consider.

Typical accelerometers used for ground testing:

From miniature accelerometers to minimise mass loading, through to general purpose monoaxial and increasingly triaxial accelerometers available in both IEPE and Charge versions.
A/127, A/27,
AT/10, AT/01,
AT/14, AT/04 

Typical accelerometers used for in-flight health monitoring:

High temperature capabilities for engine / gearbox monitoring. Many are custom made to suit a particular engine or gearbox.

Low outgassing:

DJB supply cables and accelerometers for low outgassing application in space and testing applications, contact us to discuss your requirements.

Application note:

One particular application uses DJB’s A/124 miniature IEPE accelerometers (both top and side entry versions are used) These are installed into satellites as part of the build process along with cables and connectors. All materials installed on a satellite must meet stringent low outgassing requirements which ensure a minimal loss of material mass under high vacuum. Whilst 90% of DJB’s cables have been standardised to suit low outgassing requirements, the stress relief used on the rear of the connectors is changed to a special version of low outgassing heat shrink. The other materials used in DJB accelerometers meet low outgassing requirements as standard, having been tested by many companies all over the world to confirm this standard is met.
Once installed and the build completed, each satellite undergoes a range of environmental and structural tests to ensure it is robust enough to survive launch conditions. The DJB  accelerometers are used during this phase to monitor various parts of the satellite and to provide control during testing; critical measurements to ensure the multi million pound investment is fit for flight. As they are now part of the satellite build they are also destined for space, never to be seen again….!!

• Low Outgassing accelerometers and Cables
• Low mass
• High reliability
• Proven track record of performance
• Custom cable lengths to suit build requirements
• Special ceramic mounting blocks