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Piezoelectric Accelerometers

A range of accelerometers comprising Single & Triaxial axis, available with Charge Output or Integral Electronics (IEPE). Our Konic Shear design provides virtual isolation of the sensing element from mounting induced strain, with the further benefit of minimal cross axis error deriving from its radial symmetry. 

Dynamic Pressure Transducers

Dynamic pressure transducers based upon piezo-ceramics allow deflection of acoustic type phenomena, turbulence, cavitation associated with fluid flow and are produced in two basic packages. For applications involving significant background vibration, accelerometer compensation may be included.

Signal Conditioning & Instrumentation

A range of instrument housed modules are available. The modules are designed to process the piezoelectric charge in order to extract specific data. These housings can be arranged to suit any practicable module combination.

Cables, Connectors & Accessories

We can look at any special cable requests (connectors, marking, labels, armour, etc) and also repair cables. Cables can be supplied to cover a range of operating temperatures. Our cable assembly service has a fast turn around, with flexible specification options.

Down Hole Seismic Sonde

Harnessing the advantages of piezoelectric technology for the measurement of vibration. It has a large bandwidth with no spurious (invalid) responses within the bandwidth of interest. Operated off a simple 12v battery, their low power consumption results in long battery life.

IEPE Impact Hammer

The IH range of impact hammers offer a range of 5 hammers ranging from 200N to 50000N. The hammers all feature IEPE integrated electronics force transducers for simple connection - direct to analysis front ends or to voltage source instrumentation.

Junction Boxes

DJB Instruments provides a fully custom service for the design, build and testing of junction boxes for the use in vibration test facilities. They can be flanged or with mounting holes, painted or powder coated and can include engraved labelling for channel numbers

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