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Seismic Accelerometers

Seismic accelerometers are generally much bigger and heavier than other test and  measurement accelerometers.  This is due to the much higher quantity of piezoelectric material and the large mass material required to create the high output (typically 10V/g or 9000pC/g) which allows for micro ‘g’ measurements. They are also limited on their higher frequency capability, usually limited to 500Hz to 1kHz. With a typical peak measurement range of just 0.5g their use is restricted to typical seismic applications.

Model Image Sensitivity Weight Temperature Range
Monoaxial Charge Seismic Accelerometers
A/600 Djb A600 Web 1.2nC/g nom. 114.5gm -50°C to 250°C Max Temp
A/800 Djb A800 Web 9nC/g nom. 400-429gm -50°C to 250°C Max Temp
Model Image Sensitivity Weight Temperature Range
Monoaxial IEPE Seismic Accelerometers
A/1600 Djb A600 Web 1V/g up to 5V/g (±10%) 114.5gm -50°C to 125°C
A/1800 Djb A800 Web 10V/g (±10%) 400-429gm -50°C to 125°C