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Multiple worlds of expertise all using the humble accelerometer.

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#Automotive #Aerospace #Energy #Seismic #Oil #Wind #Medical #Sports & a lot more

Take a moment to consider the scale of the automotive market... The aerospace industry... energy, sports, medical.... this is to name just a few. All of these industries from all around the world... It doesn’t take very long to realise of how vast each industry is. 

Due to the nature of their work, many of our customers wish to remain confidential and so our appreciation of being included in their world is celebrated quietly and professionally in house. So although exact cases shall not be discussed we just wanted to give an insight into the day to day happenings at DJB to share a little of our passion.

Can you imagine being able to contribute to each and every one of these industries, truly making a difference? Imagine what an enquiry would look like. Every day we receive emails from all over the world asking how we can help. Who knows what the next enquiry will entail and where it will be based. From Croydon to Australia, each day is very different. Being able to see into these vast worlds is quite a treat. 

The enquiries can be from day to day monitoring – the mundane for some, but imperative for those industries wishing to avoid the disruption of downtime if failure were to occur. A large percentage of our customer base is automotive related, whether this is the vehicles themselves to the tracks they race on. Our accelerometers are able to withstand the high temperatures reached for exhaust or turbo testing, without loss of dynamic range at an impressive 900°C. Some enquiries can even take us by surprise – you’ll hear “What are they testing that for?!” or “ How on earth...ah yes we can do that... Not a problem” To be fair, we do like a challenge. On a miniature scale, when mass loading is a factor to consider, our world leading miniature teardrop design at just 0.19grams comes into its own. “Beat that” is what we say... you should come and visit the factory to see how these tiny miracles are made. The engineers who have attended our training courses are often amazed at just how small they really are. Anyway, this isn’t meant to be a list of what we make, it’s about the unique applications that we feel privileged to be part of with customer care a top priority. What does that mean to you? Something companies feel they are meant to say to look good... For us it means we are able to still be involved able to get our hands dirty.

We choose to contribute to these worlds with a proactive and hands on approach and consider ourselves fortunate to play such a pivotal role. All this with a small but vital measuring device, used in multiple industries. It’s good to go home at the end of each day knowing we have made a difference. 

Wherever you are based, if you work in the world of vibration just ask yourself – Who would you like to work with?

We would be very pleased to hear and be part of your story.