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High Shock Piezo-Tronic IEPE Accelerometer A/163

0.1mV/g  ∙  16gm  ∙  -40°C to 121°C

Model Variations

A/163, A/163-1


  • Aerospace
  • Impact Testing
  • Vibration Shaker Testing
  • Structural Testing
  • Crash Testing

Developed for demanding applications requiring the measurement of high amplitude and short duration transient events such as pyrotechnic shock or high energy impacts, the A/163 IEPE accelerometer has a range of ±50,000g and a sensitivity of 0.1mV/g (±10%).

The design of our more standard accelerometers have limitations when used for shock applications, these can either be due to the short duration of the transient event or due to the high level of the shock amplitude, either of these elements can cause issues for a standard vibration sensor and the hybrid electronics used in the IEPE accelerometers. To overcome these issues the A/163 has in built filters; both electrical and mechanical which ensure the response is linear across a wide frequency band (1Hz to 15kHz), and up to a peak amplitude measurement of 50,000g.

The A/163 is also designed to withstand over testing, the accelerometer can measure up to 50,000g, but features physical built in protection up to 60,000g. This is necessary due to the highly variable and sometimes unpredictable nature of pyrotechnic events.

Other applications requiring high transient acceleration measurements can include:

Pile Driver Monitoring
Simulated Pyroshock Event
Recoil and Penetration
Impact Press Monitoring
Explosive Studies
Armour Piercing

Available with an M6 Microdot connector (A/163) the high shock accelerometer range use piezo-ceramic shear sensors with IEPE circuitry to allow direct connection to a wide range of acquisition hardware or to one of DJB Instruments range of Voltage source amplifiers.


All DJB Accelerometers are calibrated on site prior to despatch, and are accompanied by a calibration chart with temperature and frequency responses listed. Periodic calibration can be carried out with our VC-01 Handheld Calibrator whilst we also offer a full calibration service including cross axis checks to aid accuracy of data. We are able to provide this service for all makes of accelerometer with a full report given for each device. Please contact us with an enquiry

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