Magnets & Mounting Blocks

Accelerometer Selection - Points to consider

Mounting Guide

Accelerometer mounting is a critical part of the testing process and one that is most commonly overlooked having little attention paid to it. To maximise data accuracy the accelerometer must be closely coupled with thes test item and a poor mounting method can introduce significant errors into the data, particularly as frequency levels rise. Please see our Mounting Guide for more information on the types of mounting available or feel free to contact us should you need further advise. These mounting blocks can be used with a range of accelerometers for vibration and shock testing, including high shock tests up to 25,000g 

 Isolated Mounting Magnets 

Product Code     Description  

IM/01                    20.6mm A/F, 3.7mm 10-32 UNF stud 
IM/02                    20.6mm A/F, 10-32 UNF tapped hole
SM/01                   Adapter stud for use with IM/02, 10-32 UNF / 5-40 UNC
SM/02                   Adapter stud for use with IM/02, 10-32 UNF / ΒΌ-28 UNF
SM/03                   Adapter stud for use with IM/02, 10-32 UNF / M6
SM/04                   Adapter stud for use with IM/02, 10-32 UNF / 10-32 UNF



 Triaxial Mounting Blocks 

The FB range of tri-axial mounting blocks allow you to use single axis accelerometers to carry out triaxial measurements.
Mount two or three accelerometers in the axes you require for multi axis measurement.

Dimensions: 25.4 x 25.4 x 25.4mm
Material: Stainless Steel
Mass: 115gms
2 x mounting holes M4 clearance, mounting bolts provided with block.

Product Code     Description

FB1                         Stainless steel 10-32 UNF tapped on 5 faces , supplied with 2x M4 mounting bolts

FB2                         Stainless steel M5 tapped on 5 faces, supplied with 2x M4 mounting bolts

Petrowax                25mm square box