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High Sensitivity Piezoelectric Accelerometer - A/29

100pC/g nom.  ∙  45-50gm  ∙  -50°C to 250°C Max Temp

Model Variations

A/29, A/29/TC


• 46gm A/29
• 51gm A/29/TC
• 19.1 (A/F) x 21.8mm
• 10-32 UNF Microdot, TNC
• Konic Shear Piezo-Ceramic
• Base tapped 10-32 UNF x 4mm deep


  • Modal Analysis of lightweight structures
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Machine Monitoring
  • Condition Monitoring
  • Impact Testing
  • Industrial
  • Vibration Shaker Testing
  • Structural Testing

The A/29 is a robust and highly sensitive lightweight accelerometer which is able to withstand high temperatures in excess of 250°C. This makes the A/29 is an ideal candidate for any application requiring high sensitivity measurements with very little margin for error.

Close tolerance 100pC/g normalized output accelerometers with ultra low strain induced error. Piezo-electric materials convert mechanical loading, however induced, to electrical charge.   The A/29 is specifically configured to minimize the effect of physical inputs other than acceleration, thus enhancing measurement integrity in situations where flexural strain of the transducer could give rise to significant errors. Accelerometers based around piezoelectric discs operating in d33 compression mode are particularly prone to this phenomenon, and typically have strain sensitivity 40dB greater than that of a strain A/29. High sensitivity Konic Shear® sensing element produces 100pC/g output from 46gm wt, transducer. Totally welded construction maximizes reliability.



All DJB Accelerometers are calibrated on site prior to despatch, and are accompanied by a calibration chart with temperature and frequency responses listed. Periodic calibration can be carried out with our VC-01 Handheld Calibrator whilst we also offer a full calibration service including cross axis checks to aid accuracy of data. We are able to provide this service for all makes of accelerometer with a full report given for each device. Please contact us with an enquiry

Cable Assembly and Repair Service

  • Cable Repair Service to make current cabling as good as new, cutting costs whilst good for the environment
  • Specialist Cable Assembly - for all manufacturers
  • Cable and connector stock held for a quick turnaround