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Charge Amplifier - CA/04/N

Model Variations

CA/04/N, CA/04/NL, CA/04/NH, CA/04/EH



Peak load indicator
Calibration Terminal allowing for periodic Calibration
Adjustable output up to 3.16V/g

The CA/04 extended low frequency response charge amplifier forms an integral part of the 04 System, and can be interfaced directly with digital displays and vibration analysers. For applications requiring permanent instrumentation, a DIN Rail Mounted version is available(CV1-C).


All Instrumentation is calibrated prior to despatch. Subsequent calibration can be carried out on the CA/04 via the calibration terminal.


- Suitable for low, high or very high sensitivity accelerometers.

CA/04/N (1/110pC/g)
CA/04/NL (0.1/11pC/g)
CA/04/NH (10/1100 pC/g)
CA/04/EH (100/11000pC/g)