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Precise pressure and vibration measuring instruments precisely how you want them.

We understand you need accurate data to demonstrate your operation is safe, effective and fully tested; our dynamic pressure transducers and vibration accelerometers test durability and performance. We supply piezoelectric accelerometers to engineers working in manufacturing, energy (including nuclear and geo-thermal), aerospace, aviation and defence.

With our pressure/vibration measurement equipment your customers get product reliability and conformance to regulatory standards. And you can use the industrial accelerometers and piezoelectric transducers to collect real-time data for design modifications at the prototype stage, saving you time and money.

We’re using an array of DJB’s highly sensitive accelerometer-based seismic sondes at the Eden Project. They monitor any seismic activity, whether natural or induced, while injecting water to open the natural fractures in the rock. DJB Instruments has developed a unique product which is being adopted worldwide and EGS Energy are proud to use them at the proposed EGS site at the Eden Project.

Roy Baria, Technical Director, EGS Energy

Top Quality

We’ve been designing and manufacturing precision vibration measuring instruments for almost 40 years. We also develop new technology - look out for our next sonde which will work at higher temperatures than ever before. Our testing simulates actual use so you know it’s going to perform outstandingly before you buy.

Excellent Customer service

You can order standard products from stock and they will be despatched within 48 hours which just allows us time to do a final calibration. Or we can make an instrument specifically for your needs – wherever you will be working. And you can always buy a sample of just one, to check it’s what you need before you purchase more.

UK-based manufacturer

We offer a complete service from design and manufacturing to calibration and testing at our modern facility in Mildenhall, Suffolk in the UK. Are you based in the EU? Then we don’t need an export licence so you get your equipment with no red-tape or hassle.

Working in partnership with you

We understand that every project is different. Tell us about your project and what electronic equipment you need to make it a success. Call us today and we’ll provide you with precisely the precision engineering tool you need.

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