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Piezo-Tronic Triaxial IEPE Accelerometer - AT/13

1mV/g up to 200mV/g  ∙  25.9gm  ∙  -50°C to 125°C


• Adhesive Mounting, or clip mounting
• Low mass Titanium design.
• KONIC Shear Sensing Element.



  • Modal Analysis of lightweight structures
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Impact Testing
  • Industrial
  • Vibration Shaker Testing
  • Structural Testing
  • Auto/Aero structural body surveys
  • Auto/Aero Structural Body Surveys

The AT/13 has been developed primarily for the Modal Analysis and Structural test marketplace with particular focus on the Automotive and Aerospace markets. The slotted sides and a slotted base allow it to be mounted on 5 of its faces by sliding into the accompanying clip. Users can then mount the clips using normal glue methods and slide the accelerometers in and out of the clip as required. This ensures perfect repeatability for tests without the need for leaving the accelerometer in situ. In addition, for large channel count testing, all accelerometers can be mounted in the same orientation making software set up easier.

Manufactured in Titanium for low mass and long life, the AT/13 has three individual Konic Shear® sensing elements internally mounted in the three orthogonal axes; this provides excellent performance in each axis with minimal cross axis effects.

Clip part number CL/01 can be ordered separately. Also available is the CL/02 which has a thicker base and can be modified to suit specific user applications.


All DJB Accelerometers are calibrated on site prior to despatch, and are accompanied by a calibration chart with temperature and frequency responses listed. Periodic calibration can be carried out with our VC-01 Handheld Calibrator whilst we also offer a full calibration service including cross axis checks to aid accuracy of data. We are able to provide this service for all makes of accelerometer with a full report given for each device. Please contact us with an enquiry

Cable Assembly and Repair Service

  • Cable Repair Service to make current cabling as good as new, cutting costs whilst good for the environment
  • Specialist Cable Assembly - for all manufacturers
  • Cable and connector stock held for a quick turnaround