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4 Channel IEPESource Amplifier - V4/04



IEPE Accelerometers feature an integrated QVC, converting the charges output from the piezoelectric sensor to a voltage, driving a low impedance voltage superimposed on the supply line. Where the signal levels are adequate then minimal instrumentation is required to interface with the Accelerometer.

The V4/04 Voltage Source Amplifier is a four channel space saving solution to amplifying the signals from multiple accelerometers. It includes the QVC constant current power supply required by IEPE Accelerometers, and open/short circuit indicators. The Instrument also features normalising and range amplifiers.

A coaxial lead is sufficient for connecting the accelerometers with the V4/04.

IEPE Accelerometers are immune to supply voltage noise but have limited line drive capability as connecting lead capacitance presents a reactive load. Where signal level is adequate, the minimal interface shown in the datasheet of the individual accelerometer will suffice. However, the V3/04 adds gain, calibration and monitoring enhancements to the measurement system, improving dynamic range and ease of use.

The normalising section provides an output of 100mV/g for transducer/QVC sensitivities within the range 1/110mV/g by means of a three decade digi-switch and x1/x100 multiplier switch directly set to transducer sensitivity.