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DIN Rail Mounted Charge or Voltage Amplifiers / Filters -CV1



• Power on indicators.
• Low pass / Highpass Filters available.
• 9 – 30 V DC power input – ideal for +24 V DC output, compatible with all DJB Accelerometers and those of other manufacturers.
• DIN Rail Mounting for applications requiring permanently mounted instrumentation.

The CV1 DIN rail mounted range of Charge/Voltage/Filter nodules are available in a range of configurations to suit a variety of industrial and other applications where DIN rail mounting and screw connections are the preferred method of installation.

Providing all or a combination of Charge amplification, IEPE 4mA constant current supply and Fixed or Variable frequency filtering.

The modules utilise standard DIN rail mounts for fast fitting and set up, ideal for use alongside industrial cabinets or other wiring installations.   

Modules available: 

Model                    Description

CV1-C                    Charge amplifier
CV1-V                    4mA constant current supply for use with IEPE accelerometers and sensors
CV1-CF                  Charge amplifier with fixed frequency filter (filter value must be specified when ordering)
CV1-VF                 4mA constant current IEPE supply with fixed frequency filter (filter value must be specified when ordering)
CV1-CVF               Charge amplifier with variable frequency filter
CV1-VVF              4mA constant current IEPE supply with variable frequency filter

Frequency Options:

• Fixed frequency version must be specified when purchased, available from 0.2Hz to 250kHz
• Variable frequency version - 255 filter steps, set by DIP switch, range covering 0.2 Hz to 127 500 Hz  

Both versions are available with a variety of filter types including, Butterworth, Bessell, Anti-aliasing or General Purpose with 24/48 dB/Octave cut off.