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Instrumented Impact Hammer Range IH-01-50


The IH-01-50 impact hammer belongs to a range of general purpose hammers used for structural health testing, resonance determination and modal analysis, the IH-01-50 itself being suitable for testing of lightweight structures such as PCB's.

Included within the hammer is a piezoelectric IEPE force sensor in which directly outputs a voltage signal.
Each hammer is supplied as a kit including a cable and a variety of tips able to suit a variety of testing requirements.

The IH-01-50 has an M5 terminating connector. Impact pulse width and frequency response is different with different hammer heads and tips. 


Model IH-01-50
Sensitivity 100mV/N
Hammer Head Weight 15gm
Hammer Head Diameter 14mm
Hammer Length 130mm
Output M5
Tips Supplied Soft, medium, hard, aluminium