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DJB Extends its IEPE Impact Hammer Range

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DJB Instruments (UK) Ltd is pleased to announce the addition of two new IEPE impact hammers into it’s range of general purpose hammers used for structural and Modal testing.

The two new hammers offer the following ranges which fit neatly into the existing range to give a complete solution from light weight structural excitations right through to heavyweight testing:

·         IH/01-50 has 50N range with sensitivity 100mV/N

·         IH/20 has 20kN range with a sensitivity 0.25mV/N

The new hammers form part of the Company’s ongoing product range expansion and reflects the increasing demand for a wider range of products from customers all over the world.

Now offering a range that includes seven different hammers, each is supplied as a kit that also includes a range of different tips and a cable, all have a BNC terminating connector and some are available with the option of additional masses that can be attached to the rear of the hammer head. Other options include a wide range of accelerometers and cabling to suit any type of structural test.

Neill Ovenden, DJB’s Managing Director said of the launch ‘Our initial launch of the IEPE impact hammer range back in 2012 was one of the first new products from the refreshed DJB, over the last few years we have had an increasing demand for a wider range of impact forces, it was a simple decision to add these new products to the range.’

The force measurement technology used in the impact hammer range will also be used in the soon to be launched range of dynamic force transducers, which is part if the strategic 2018 product releases.

Click here for further technical information covering the whole range

For a quotation and current availability please contact our sales team.

DJB Instruments UK Ltd Sales +44 (0) 1638 712 288  or email