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Cable selection Guide

DJB Instruments UK Ltd holds the widest range of cable types and cable lengths in stock for use with accelerometers and sensors, whether you need low noise cables for charge accelerometers or lower cost non-low noise for IEPE accelerometers we can provide solutions quickly and if necessary any length you require, stock cables cable be shipped same day, depending on the time of order.

Our connector stock extends to over 15,000 connectors.

Take a look at our popular cables that are usually held in stock - Cable stocks

When selecting cables it is important to use the correct cable when using accelerometers, all cables are screened to provide protection against RFI noise, but there is a key difference between Low Noise and non-Low Noise cables.
Do you know the difference between low noise and non-low noise cable other than the price? Do you know about triboelectric noise effects?

We can make cables to order and can turnaround urgent orders within 24 hours. We also have a cable repair service which offers repairs to cables from any manufacturer. 

Softline Low Noise Cable for use with Charge or IEPE accelerometers / sensors

DJB Part Code     Description    Temp range  
  O/D    Datasheet
    PFA Jacket - coaxial screened    -90 to +200°C            0.8mm         Download
T10    FEP Jacket - coaxial screened    -65 to +200°C  1.0mm    Download
T18    PFA Jacket - coaxial screened    -90 to +260°C  1.9mm    Download
T23    PTFE jacket - screened twin core    -75 to +200°C  2.5mm    Download
P45    PVC jacket - coaxial screened    -50 to +80°C  4.5mm    Download
P52    PVC jacket - screened twin core    -60 to +80°C  4.5mm    Download

Softline Non-Low Noise Cable for use with IEPE accelerometers / sensors

DJB Part Code        Description      Temp Range      0/D        Datasheet
S11    FEP jacket - coaxial screened   -70 to +200°C   1.1mm    Download
S18    FEP jacket - coaxial screened   -90 to +200°C   1.9mm     Download
S28    PVC jacket - coaxial screened   -5 to +70°C   2.8mm    Download
S30    FEP jacket - coaxial double screened   -55 to +200°C   3.0mm    Download
S51    PVC jacket - coaxial screened   0 to +80°C   5.0mm      Download
SC42    Stainless steel overbraided screened twin core       -65 to +150°C   4.2mm    Download

 Softline Multi Core Low-Noise Cable

DJB Part Code
    Description   Temp Range   O/D (nom.)
ET25-LN    PFA jacket - 4 core low noise screened
   -65 to +200°C
   2.67mm    Download
LT17    PFA jacket - 3 core low noise screened
   -55 to +200°C   1.8mm    Download

Softline Multi Core Cable

DJB Part Code  
   Temp Range
   O/D (nom.)
ET25    FEP jacket - 4 core screened   -65 to +200°C   2.5mm     Download
SM35    PVC jacket - 4 core screened   0 to +70°C   2.8mm     Download


Hardline High Temperature Cable - Stainless steel jacket with Mineral Insulation

DJB Part Code          Description     Max Temp        O/D     Datasheet
HL15    Stainless steel mineral insulated - twin core         800°C   1.5mm    Download
HL30    Stainless steel mineral insulated - twin core   800°C   3.0mm    Download
HL25    Stainless steel mineral insulated - triaxial   800°C   2.5mm     Download