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The latest news from DJB Instruments UK Ltd

New Tapped Base Miniature Triaxial Accelerometer Launched

DJB Instruments is pleased to announce the launch of a new version of the popular miniature triaxial accelerometer, the AT/10 IEPE type and AT/01 charge type. These low mass miniature triaxials accommodate a tapped base for removable stud mounting.

New Impedance Head Launched

DJB Instruments UK Ltd has announced the launch of the AF/50/5 and AF/100/10 IEPE Impedance heads which integrates an IEPE accelerometer and force sensor into one device to measure dynamic acceleration and force simultaneously.

Wireless Miniature Piezoelectric Accelerometers – The Holy Grail?

Making an informed choice about the wireless communication standard requires a comprehensive understanding of the technology and the application. There is no ‘ideal’ wireless sensor that could be used for all plausible applications. Development of any wireless sensor requires an in-depth understanding of the environment, usage and expectations from the device