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Industrial and Aerospace Accelerometers

Model Image Sensitivity Weight Temperature Range
Charge Output Industrial & Aerospace Accelerometers
A/52/F Djb Industrial 52 Web 100pC/g nom. A/52/F 12pC/g nom. A/52/F/HT 100-123gm exc. cable 260-400°C
A/81/F Djb Industrial 52 Web 230pC/g nom. A/81/F 35pC/g nom. A/81/F/HT 150-160gm exc. cable 260-400°C
A/301/F Djb Industrial 301 Web 220pC/g nom. A/301/F 25pC/g nom. A/301/F/HT 150gm 260-400°C
A/107/F A107 100pC/g nom. - A/107/F : 10pC/g nom. - A/107/F/HT, A/107/F/HT-1 80gm 260-400°C