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Video Library

Piezoelectric Accelerometers - Principle of Operation

All piezoelectric accelerometers operate on the same principle, a mass applies a force to a piezoelectric material (crystal or ceramic) and the subsequent stress caused on the material outputs a charge which is proportional to the force.

The construction of a Konic Shear® Accelerometer

Our Konic Shear® design features as one of the most robust accelerometers on the market


DJB demonstrating the importance of low noise cables when using Charge type Accelerometers.

Mass Loading

Mass loading is the phenomenon whereby the mass of the Accelerometer alters the natural frequency of the test subject.
Video demonstrating the importance of accelerometer choice & mass loading.

Accelerometer Microdot Connectors

This tutorial video explains how to avoid problems when connecting and disconnecting a microdot accelerometer and its associated low noise cable. One of the primary causes of problems with sensors and cables is how they are used, this video explains the best practise.