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The use of accelerometers or other sensors in vibration measurement usually requires some form of additional signal processing, for example charge output devices require charge amplifiers to provide both signal amplification and conversion to a voltage to enable measurement instruments to analyse the signal. Whilst IEPE (voltage) output devices require a constant current supply and potentially also amplification.

Other signal processing requirements can include, filters, level indicators, velocity or displacement conversion. Whilst in modern day data acquisition and vibration analysis systems much of this can be dealt with directly there are still a wide range of applications where additional instruments are required.

DJB have a range of instrumentation options for these vibration measurement applications including our modular 04 series instruments or rack based high channel count solutions. For permanent industrial installation we also offer DIN rail mounted charge/voltage/filter solutions in the CV-1 range of products.

In addition to signal processing our instrumentation range also includes instrumented Modal impact hammers for modal analysis applications from light low mass products through to large industrial steel structures.