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Cables, Connectors and Accessories

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A range of custom cables, connectors and cable assemblies are available to order. Cables can be supplied to your application requirements; either made to specification, or unfitted with a quick turnaround service. We can also fit customer supplied connectors on request.

We offer a cable repair service on all DJB and non DJB cables

Examples of Ordering accessories


A cable assembly comprising of a microdot plug connecting to a right angle Microdot via 2.0mm P.V.C low noise cable 8.5 meters long (from the end of the connectors) with 5 meters of UI 7/32" convoluted cable armouring would have an order reference number: MP/MR/P20/85/A7/50. Length in decimetres (If no cable armour is required leave appropriate blank space). If the cable assembly is to have only one connector with the cable open at the other end replace the second connector code with an X.


A cable assembly comprising of a Microdot plug connecting to another Microdot plug via 1.8mm P.T.F.E.low noise cable 5 meters in length would have an order reference as follows: MP/MP/T18/50. Length in decimetres


A cable assembly comprising of a 7/16" UNS free socket connected to 2.3mm 2 core P.T.F.E low noise cable open at one end 8 meters long would have an order reference as follows: 7S/X/T23/80. Length in decimetres