• Water Cooled Accelerometers

    Water Cooled Accelerometers

    Water Cooled Accelerometers
    set new standards for high
    temperature testing up to 900°C
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Sensing Engineering Innovation

DJB Instruments UK Ltd has been a leader in the design and manufacture of vibration and pressure measurement equipment, including piezoelectric accelerometers and dynamic pressure transducers for over 40 years. Our program of constant development ensures products meet the latest customer requirements whilst also maintaining the unique Konic Shear design principles introduced by the company’s founder Don Birchall.

Our range of products now extends across all accelerometer types including IEPE (Voltage) output with market leading high temperature IEPE accelerometer solutions up to 900°C.

Quality, Customer Service and Delivery

At DJB we recognise the importance of excellence in all aspects of our dealings with our customers. As an ISO 9001 registered company we maintain the highest level of quality control in all areas of the business and have a dedicated team of sales and customer support staff to provide one to one contact at every stage from enquiry to delivery. We maintain high levels of stock products including accelerometers, cables, connectors and instrumentation to ensure fast delivery.

UK Based Manufacturer

We are proud to be a British manufacturer, we manufacture, assemble, test and calibrate every part of our products within our facility in Mildenhall, Suffolk, UK. We export all over the world via a network of distributors if you are within Europe we will not need an export licence to ship products to you, for our customers in the rest of the world we have a fully trained export team to handle any export paperwork required.

Custom Made Sensors

Despite being a growing company we are still fully responsive to requests for custom sensor/cable products, as a manufacturer it is easy for us to provide prototypes and final products to suit any customer application.

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