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Industrial Piezo-Tronic IEPE Accelerometer A/172/VF

100mV/g (±10%)  ∙  130gm  ∙  185°C Max. Temp.


Robust, industrial grade accelerometer with integral two wire charge/voltage converter (QVC) providing standardized 100mV/g output, and suitable for use in hostile environments, including fluid immersion. The transducer will withstand a 7 joule axial impact (1kg x 0.7m drop onto the cap). Convoluted and braided and armoured assemblies offer supplementary protection. For submersible operation, proof leak testing is essential. The A/172VF connector has provision for a seal, transducer /cable assembly should be leak tested as whole and the connector seal replaced should the connector joint be subsequently broken. Leak testing is carried out by submersion in pressurized water. This is a rapid means of welded/metallurgical defect detection water ingress correlates to insulation loss and usually manifests within an hour or two of commencement. A 24 hour test vitally guarantees survivability. The A/172VF requires constant current supply and generates an output signal superimposed on the supply line.  Construction Konic sensor/hybrid thick film QVC electrically isolated with output via two pole hermetic connector. All welded case, suitable for immiscible applications. 


All DJB Accelerometers are calibrated on site prior to despatch, and are accompanied by a calibration chart with temperature and frequency responses listed. Periodic calibration can be carried out with our VC-01 Handheld Calibrator whilst we also offer a full calibration service including cross axis checks to aid accuracy of data. We are able to provide this service for all makes of accelerometer with a full report given for each device. Please contact us with an enquiry

Cable Assembly and Repair Service

  • Cable Repair Service to make current cabling as good as new, cutting costs whilst good for the environment
  • Specialist Cable Assembly - for all manufacturers
  • Cable and connector stock held for a quick turnaround