The DCM-03 MEMS DC signal conditioner is for use with DJB’s range of AM, AMB and AMT variable capacitance MEMS accelerometers. The unit has 3 channels and can be used with three single axis capacitive accelerometers or one triaxial capacitive accelerometer. Offering a wide range of features in a compact and powerful unit the DCM-03 is the perfect addition to your low frequency testing system. 


  • OLED display
  • 3 channels
  • Accuracy better than 0.5%
  • Mains powered
  • Wide frequency band and low noise
  • User selectable gains
  • Adjustable low pass filter
  • Output overload indicator. When output is larger than 10V+1V the indication will be on

For use with the following DJB MEMS Products: 

  • AM/2.1000        Monoaxial, ±2g, 1000mV/g
  • AM/2HR.1000    High Res. monoaxial ±2g, 1000mV/g
  • AM/5.300          Monoaxial, ±5g, 300mV/g
  • AM/10HR.200    High Res. monoaxial ±10g, 200mV/g
  • AM/20.100        Monoaxial, ±20g, 100mV/g
  • AM/50HR.40      High Res. monoaxial ±50g, 40mV/g
  • AMB/2.1000      Biaxial, ±2g, 1000mV/g
  • AMB/2HR.1000  High Res. biaxial ±2g, 1000mV/g
  • AMB/5.300        Biaxial, ±5g, 300mV/g
  • AMB/10HR.200  High Res. biaxial ±10g, 200mV/g
  • AMB/20.100      Bi axis MEMS, ±20g, 100mV/g
  • AMB/50HR.40   High Res. biaxial ±50g, 40mV/g
  • AMT/2.1000       Triaxial, ±2g, 1000mV/g
  • AMT/2HR.1000  High Res. triaxial ±2g, 1000mV/g
  • AMT/5.300        Triaxial, ±5g, 300mV/g
  • AMT/10HR.200  High Res. triaxial ±10g, 200mV/g
  • AMT/20.100       Triaxial, ±20g, 100mV/g
  • AMT/50HR.40    High Res. triaxial ±50g, 40mV/g