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As the only UK Manufacturer of Accelerometers in the Test & Measurement sector, we feel it is essential that we use our experience and knowledge to improve the understanding of correct accelerometer selection and use, as this forms the basis of any measurement and analysis strategy.  We run training courses throughout the year at a number of regional venues including our factory HQ in Mildenhall, Suffolk.

Who should attend?

This course is aimed at existing accelerometer users, engineers, new users, specifiers and product designers from automotive, aerospace, industrial and sports science applications providing a refreshing view on how to avoid error, maintaining accurate data results.

The course covers a range of topics including:

  • Principles of operation - materials and the Piezoelectric effect.
  • Accelerometer types and selection - Construction, charge output, IEPE, temperature effects, mass loading, sensitivity, common problems as well as pros and cons of accelerometers.
  • Importance of correct cable use - low noise or non low noise, what happens if you get it wrong, signal loss, triboelectric noise, cable fixing, connectors and noise floor.
  • Mounting methods and which to use - stud, wax, adhesive, magnets, tape, which and why, isolation and ground loops.
  • Associated Instrumentation - Charge Amplifiers, IEPE Signal Conditioning and Data Acquisition

2018 Training dates: 

January 8th - 12th: Trip to India. If you are based in India and are interested in training please get in touch for our future plans.
February 21st: DJB HQ - "Accelerometers, the truth and more." Includes a factory tour
March 22nd: Liverpool - "Accelerometers, the truth and more." DJB will be based at Sensor City in Liverpool.
April 25th: Suffolk - Suffolk "Accelerometer Selection and Signal Processing Basics" DJB, Data Physics and Kemo will be based at the Riverside Hotel, Mildenhall. A factory tour is also included.
June 6th: DJB HQ - "Accelerometers, the truth and more." Includes a factory tour

September 24th - 28th: Trip to China

October 4th: DJB HQ, Suffolk

"Accelerometers, the truth and more." Includes a factory tour

November 13th: Fareham, Nr. Portsmouth 

"Accelerometer to Data Capture & Analysis"
DJB and Prosig join forces taking a look at processes from sensor to analysis software. 

If you have and questions or would like to know more about our training and how we can help you please do get in touch to see how we can best help you. 

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"The training was comprehensive and informative, having seen an accelerometer constructed it has improved our understanding of the technology that we use to test many of our products..." 

"I found the course very interesting and feel it gave me some very useful information and turned me into a far more conscious accelerometer user."

"The presentations themselves were excellent, detailing the basics all the way up to the advanced concepts has given me a lot to think about in our own internal setup. The presenters were knowledgeable and were always keen to answer questions, even on specialist or challenging topics."

Site visits

For those that may not be able to make a particular training date or location, we do also offer on site visits able to tailor training and technical advice to suit.
Anyone interested in attending a training event or who would like to discuss having the training presented on site should contact us to discuss options.
Please contact us to discuss options to suit.