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Piezoelectric Microphones - M/02/T

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5nVC/bar nom. • Vibration Compensated (/*A) • 250/300°C max

Half size version of the M/01, doubling acoustic bandwidth, but at expense of 14dB reduction in sensitivity, thus 0.01pC noise equivalent acoustic signal threshold increases to 82dB (2.5mbar) M/02 application areas include air blast measurement, combustion gas acoustic measurement, fluid flow dynamics. Signals may be superimposed upon high static pressure backgrounds. Transducers are calibrated at ambient pressure.


Piezo-ceramics are subject to a logarithmic sensitivity decay vs. time. Exposure of piezoceramics to initial high pressure, temperature produces an initial sensitivity loss. Thereafter, subject to these initial conditions not being subsequently exceeded, stability is exceedingly high, of the order 1 or 2%/1st yr.

Transducers subject to high pressure/ temperature should be thermally and load cycled to inbuild minimal long term degradation.


Both M/02s and M/01s have a variety of signal outlet options to cater for more extreme operating conditions. These encompass fluid immersion of transducer and cable, environments hazardous to cabling where cable armouring may be necessary and electrical interference.


  • Charge vs. pressure up to 500bar
  • Wideband temperature calibration -50/+300o
  • Proof pressure test of transducers, transducer/cable assemblies to 150bar
  • Hermetic Microdot, TNC & 7/16 UNS 2 pole connectors
  • Integral hardline cable termination
  • Case isolated signal for cmr