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Piezoelectric Accelerometers - A/131/V

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10mV/g • 19g wt • 125°C Max. Temp.

Download Datasheet - A131 Datasheet

Lightweight triaxial vibration transducer comprising three KONIC all welded inserts, each with hybrid QVC, bonded orthogonally into a hard anodised aluminium housing. The inserts are electrically insulated, individually and from the housing, thus eliminating ground loop interference. Low impedance O/P provides a high degree of noise immunity (≈ 80dB improvement vs. equiv. charge source device @ 50Hz) and allows use with low cost coaxial cable. The additional mechanical isolation implicit in the construction provides also near elimination of strain induced error.

The spatial response of a structure to dynamic forcing, may lead to erroneous single axis vibration or shock measurement due to the inherent directional property of the transducer. In cases where this is deemed to be a problem, an orthogonal three axis measurement, allowing computation of absolute value and direction offers a solution.

The d33 component suppression property of the KONIC design, resulting in minimisation of cross axis error, is particularly advantageous for three axis measurement integrity.


  • Wideband temperature calibration
  • 3% max. cross axis error
  • Low frequency QVC version (/L)
  • 100mV/g sensitivity with constraint on low frequency response