DJB Instruments

Water Cooled Piezo-Electric Accelerometers - A/33

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8pC/g nom./axis • 38g wt • 800°C Max. Temp. with water flow

Download Datasheet - A33 Datasheet

DJB introduces A/33 triaxial water cooled accelerometer which permits usage on surfaces up to 800°C. These are solutions for Vibration Measurements on exhaust pipes or engines turbo collectors. A mono version is currently under development.

It is important that the recommended rate of flow of the cooling is maintained permanently when in use at high temperature.
Failure to do so, could lead to injury and also damage to the unit.

The 2mm hole between «Y» and «Z» inserts permits the insertion of a thermo-couple to monitor the temperature.


  • Wideband temperature calibration.