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Piezoelectric Accelerometers - A/123/S

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10 or 100mV/g nom. • 3.5gm wt • 185°C Max. Temp. for HT version

Download Datasheet - A123 Datasheet

Range of lightweight piezoelectric accelerometers comprising KONIC sensing element, thick film hybrid QVC, packaged to offer choice of side/top entry connector, integral stud or flat base (for adhesive mounting).


Include modal analysis of lightweight structures and shock measurement. Low frequency multi point modal measurements are subject to individual phase/gain errors associated with the lower corner frequency of the QVC.

The ratiometric nature of modal analysis however reduces transfer function uncertainty to the associated lower corner frequency variations of individual QVCs.

Thus a ±5% corner frequency tolerance associated a ±1½° phase tolerance at the nominal corner frequency. Peak shock of up to 600g (≈4.5Vpk. 0/P limit) can be measured, with certain provisos relating to bandwidth. This type of transducer has a bandpass response characterised by a single low frequency pole and complex high frequency pole air, giving rise to droop and ringing errors, thus placing constaints on pulse width and rise time. Droop will be 10% of peak value for 20m.sec. rectangular pulses, for QVC corner frequency = 0.7Hz.

Overshoot caused by ringing will be 10% for rise time ≈ 30µsec., and if excessive may lead to signal clipping.


  • Extended low frequency response, 0.5x std
  • LF response, option/L. 10mV/g±5% sensitivity
  • 100mV/g sensitivity with constraint on low frequency response
  • Wideband temperature calibration -50/+185°C

a123 table