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Piezoelectric Accelerometers - IEPE A/122/V

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Standard Outputs 10;31.6; 100mV/g nom. • 16g wt • 185°C Max. Temp. for HT version

Download Datasheet - A122 Datasheet

General purpose piezoelectronic (QVC) accelerometer, identical in sensitivity range to A/120/V, but with annular through hole fixing allowing full 360° connector orientation, reduced weight and height.

KONIC mechanically preloaded sensing element, thick film hybrid QVC, welded case seal maximises measurement integrity and reliability. A/122/V will interface directly to spectrum analysers having minimum 15V, 2mA transducer outlet, bearing in mind that the minimal supply may constrain high frequency capability, due to drive limitations, and dynamic range at elevated temperature, due to bias point drift. A minimal interface comprising supply source and signal extraction is shown in Fig.1.

In addition our VV/04 or V4/04 interface module provide QVC current source supply , transducer fault detection, normalised signal scaling up to maximum sensitivity 3V/milli g. (A/122/V option 3, VV/04 normalising dial/multiplier set to 1mV/g, range switch set to 0.0316g/Volt). Note that low level measurements are subject to signal/noise constraints but may be realizable if bandwidth is restricted.


a122 table