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Piezoelectric Accelerometers - IEPE A/121/V

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100; 316; 1000mV/g • 3 Pole Bandpass Filter and Isolated Output (/VI) • 90g wt • 185°C Max. Temp. for HT version

Download Datasheet - A121 Datasheet

High output KONIC vibration transducer c/w integral two wire charge/voltage converter (QVC), and incorporating for A/121/VI a three pole bandpass filter for noise rejection, case isolated signal outlet for common mode interference rejection.

The bandpass filter utilizes the inherent single pole high pass property of the QVC, but made application specific rather than maximised, combined with an R-C two pole passive low pass section inserted prior to the QVC. The LP section current limits the sensing element, hence reduces high frequency modulation products and consequent phantom low frequency signal generation.

Noise level is a function of 3dB bandwidth B, approximating to eno x √B1/Bo, where B1 is the required bandwidth, eno the noise level corresponding to bandwidth Bo as tabulated below. The bandpass filter should be restricted to an upper frequency limit of 2kHz, i.e. 2 octaves below mechanical, resonance otherwise the overall response will be resonance dominant.


  • Non standard sensitivities within range 100/1000mV/g
  • Wideband temperature calibration -50/+185°C

a121 table