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Piezoelectric Accelerometers - IEPE A/120/VTI

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Standard Outputs 10; 31.6; 100mV/g nom. • 12.5g wt • 185°C Max. Temp. for HT version

Download Datasheet - A120 Datasheet

General purpose KONIC vibration transducers c/w integral two wire charge/voltage converter (QVC). QVCs are energised from a current source, generate a low impedance, noise immune voltage proportional to input charge, hence acceleration, and need minimal interfacing.
Fig.1 shows basic supply connection, signal extraction. This type of QVC interface is available in several commercial vibration spectrum analysers as well as in our own VV/04 or V4/04 signal conditioner, which provide in addition normalising, scaling, and fault detection features.

Associated with the QVC is a 5V peak out limit. This imposes an overriding, sensitivity dependent peak acceleration constraint on the A/120/V of 50/500g, and above which the QVC saturates. We suggest that applications are evaluated sufficient to determine the requisite A/120/V sensitivity.

The transducer signal cable constitutes a capacitive load to the QIC.

The quadrature drive current available, Ic, equals the source current Is less the QIC minimum operating current of around 1.5mA, IQIC,thus : Ic = √IS2 - I2QVC , or 3.7mA from a 4mA source, capable of driving a 10nF cable a 5V pk., 12kHz.

The A/120/V bias voltage is temperature dependent and increases from 9V @ 20°C to 11/12V @ 185°C, thus reducing pro-rata the positive output voltage for supply voltages Vs below 18V.


  • Case and base isolated versions available
  • Extended low frequency response, 0.5x std. LF response, option/L. non magnetic (/N); A/120/VT/N and A/120/V/N; 12.5gm, A/120/VTC/N: 20gm
  • Wideband temperature calibration -50/+185°C
  • A/120/VTC, fitted hermetic TNC connector, can be supplied proof pressure tested with/without cable

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a120 table