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Piezoelectric Accelerometers - A/52/F/HT

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12pC/g, 400°C max • 100g wt (exc. cable) • Isolated Output • Hermetic, integral hardline cable

Download Datasheet - A52 Datasheet

Industrial grade vibration transducers with integral hardline cable, available in two temperature ratings, and suitable for long term monitoring of plant and machinery in environments likely to be deleterious to less robust products. A/52/F’s have operated reliably, on plant subjected to continuous use for periods of up to 10 years. This is not fortuitous, but is borne of rigorous, application specific testing related to actual useage. We recommend proof pressure testing and elevated temperature hardening where appropriate to help build in the requisite level confidence.

A/52’s are built around the KONIC sensing element, characterised by minimal response to physical inputs other than axial acceleration, and feature all welded construction, including integral hardline cable terminations.


  • Close tolerance output
  • temperature calibration to 400°C
  • Proof pressure testing to 100bar
  • cable/connector options are shown in Fig. 1