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Piezoelectric Accelerometers - A/301/F/HT

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25pC/g, 400°C max • 150g wt • 2 pole connector

Download Datasheet - A301 Datasheet

High output industrial grade vibration transducers. /HT 25pC/g version is rated to 400°C. Signal output is floating, via 2 pole hermetic connector, thus minimising common mode interference.

Ingress of contaminants into the transducer and/or connector will degrade data.
Transducers and cables can be supplied proof pressure tested to 80bar, individually and as assemblies. Pressure tested assemblies may be disconnected for ease of installation, subsequently replacing the sealing ring between the connector shells.

The /HT is proof to 420°C exposure and is therefore suitable for a gas turbine bearing vibration monitoring, with the proviso that a low pass inline filter may be needed to minimise blade passing frequency modulation, which gives rise to spurious, phantom low frequency signal generation. High temperature operation of the /HT may be subject to degradation due to increased pyro-electric charge generation, together with a significant fall in insulation resistance. Instrumentation bandwidth should be constrained to the minimum needed for measurement integrity. A/301’s comprise isolated KONIC sensing element housed in all welded hermetic case. Internal electrical connections are welded. Pressure and thermal cycle tests are recommended for hostile environment applications.


  • Ttemperature calibration to 400°C
  • Proof pressure testing to 80bar
  • Close tolerance output