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Piezoelectric Accelerometers - A/600/TC

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1.3nC/g nom. • 110g wt • 250deg.C Max. Temp.

Download Datasheet - A600 Datasheet

Ultra high output, multiple shear plate vibration transducer. Shear plate construction provides near total isolation from mechanical inputs other than acceleration, thus safeguarding measurement integrity in applications where vibration is accompanied by high dynamic strain levels. Generalising, these conditions are prevalent where modal frequencies are low, and are thus associated with vibration surveys of large structures.

Transducers exhibiting significant strain response may operate more akin to strain gauges at low frequency excitation and their use is thus to be discouraged ! System noise level of 10-3pC is equivalent to 1µg.
This should be realizable with bandwidth restricted to 1kHz.

Charge amplifier noise level is a function of source capacitance.

A number of parallel shear plates equivalent in total thickness to a single plate of charge sensitivity Q and capacitance C, generates charge nQ and has capacitance n2C. Clearly, taken to the limit, noise degradation overrides signal increase, hence these products are largely a compromise between signal/noise and mass/size.


  • Hermetic TNC connector version ref. A/600/TC
  • Wideband temperature calibration -50/+250°C