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Piezoelectric Accelerometers - A/29

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100pC/g (±5%) • 46g wt • 250°C Max. Temp.

Download Datasheet - A29 Datasheet

Close tolerance, 100pC/g normalised output accelerometers with ultra low strain induced error. Piezo-electric materials convert mechanical loading, however induced, to electrical charge. The A/29 is specifically configured to minimise the effect of physical inputs other than acceleration, thus enhancing measurement integrity in situations where flexural strain of the transducer could give rise to significant errors.

Accelerometers based around piezo-electric discs operating in d33 compression mode are particularly prone to this phenomenon, and typically have a strain sensitivity 40dB greater than that of the A/29.

High sensitivity KONIC sensing element produces 100pC/g output from 46gm wt. transducer. Totally welded construction maximises reliability.


  • Wideband temperature calibration -50/+250°C
  • Hermetic TNC connector version: ref. A/29/TC
  • Proof pressure testing to 60 bar for submersible applications (hermetic versions)