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Piezoelectric Accelerometers - A/26/E

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10pC/g nom. • 7g wt • 250°C Max. Temp.

Download Datasheet - A26 Datasheet

Lightweight, 10pC/g accelerometer with KONIC mechanically preloaded sensing element.

All welded construction including internal electrical connections maximises operating temperature and reliability.
Close tolerance option provides compatibility with 10pC/g normalised instrumentation.

Small, robust package offers high level vibration and shock measurement capability - the signal cable should be anchored adjacent to the transducer where there is excessive cable movement, hence connector loading, would otherwise ensue.

Flat base and integral stud versions provide attachment options, the latter preferred for high acceleration level applications.

Adhesive mounted version: Abrasive cleaning of the attachment face will reduce base thickness over time, sparing use of adhesive will aid longevity.


  • Close tolerance, 10pC/g ±5%
  • Wideband temperature calibration
  • Proof shock testing