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Piezoelectric Accelerometers - A/23/SI

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8pC/g nom. • 10g wt • 250°C Max. Temp. • Isolated Output

Download Datasheet - A23 Datasheet

The basic A/23 sensing element is electrically isolated from the transducer case, signal outlet being via an insulated side entry Microdot socket.

Signal isolation minimises ground loop interference in electrically noisy environments. Incorporating this feature within the transducer maximises mechanical integrity and bandwidth relative to external isolation methods.
The socket is insulated by means of an annular glass sleeve.

Overtightening the mating connector will damage the sleeve. Failure torque is around 1.5Nm., recommended connector tightening torque is 30cNm.max.

Ground loop rejection is a function of insulation resistance of the ceramic sleeve which, together with the resistance of the transducer cable screen, forms a ground loop signal attenuator. Typically, a 1mV differential applied via a 100 metre length screened cable will introduce the equivalent of 1g to an A/23 based system, reducing in the case of the A/23/SI by the ratio of the cable screen resistance (60 ohms) to the sleeve resistance (initial value > 108 ohms).


  • Wideband temperature calibration -50/+250°C
  • Close tolerance output