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Data derivied from Piezoelectric Accelerometers is in the form of electrical charges proportional to the mass applied, and requires further processing in order to extract extract specific information. The widely used IEPE Accelerometer features an inbuilt QVC - converting the charge to a voltage prior to signal transmission. Where the signal is strong enough, minimal instrumentation is required to interface with the accelerometer. However, in some cases it will be neccesary to amplify the signal with a voltage source amplifier.

IEPE Accelerometers are not suitable for some applications, and a charge output accelerometer will be required. Charge output accelerometers are able to withstand higher temperatures, and are generally more rugged, with the downside being the requirement for extra instrumentation. DJB's 04 Series provides a comprehensive range of instrumentation covering most applications, conveniently housed within module housings, with integrated power supplys.

The 04 System features Accelerometer signal processing, and signal conditioning equipment. The signals from the accelerometer can either be displayed on a screen housed within the system, or connected with front end hardware. Signals from the accelerometer can also be converted to displacement and velocity with high accuracy analogue modules.

Modules Available

CA04 Charge Amplifier VV04 Voltage Source Amplifier Highpass Lowpass Filters DM04 LA04 Level Alarm DD04 Digital Display
 Charge Amplifiers IEPE Signal Amplifiers Filters Acceleration Converters  Level Alarms  Digital Displays

 Module Housing and Racks

PC/04 Housing SR/04 Rack
Module Housing Module Rack SR04

Housings for up to twelve single width modules including a power supply, input/output signal connectors, module interconnections, for any practicable module combination.

This cost effective solution to what tends to be a fragmented, application specific are of signal processing allows single function modules to be combined to perform a specific vibration/acoustic measurement task with minimal redundancy.

Particular attention is paid to inter module and power supply screening, switching signal ground/mains earth connection helps in common mode interference reduction.

Alternative power sources are catered for to allow operation from 12/28V DC unregulated supplied (other options are available on request). SR/04s contain 200/240V, 90/130V 50/60Hz mains input ┬▒15V, 1.5A max. Output regulated power supply, surge protected.

For input/output connector options please contact our Sales Team.