Handheld Calibrator VC-01

1g Output • 159.2Hz • Rechargeable Battery


Calibrator      Features:

         Battery powered with auto shutdown

         Lightweight, simple one button operation 

         Stud adaptor included

         Rugged black anodised aluminium case

                                                           Battery level indicator 


The VC-01 Handheld Calibrator is a low cost reference accelerometer device that allows the user to quickly check the response of accelerometers at a known fixed frequency and level. Ideal for use in the field or in a lab. Its simple one button operation ensures all the user needs to do is fix the test accelerometer to the top of the calibrator either using the supplied stud or via adhesive/petro wax and press the button. The output can be monitored on any signal analyser or scope and the level checked against the known excitation level.