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QV/02 - Miniature in line Charge/Voltage converter/driver

Download Datasheet - QV/02 Datasheet

The QV/02 range of in-line converters provide charge/ voltage conversion when supplied with a standard IEPE supply current in the range of 4 to 20mA. The low impedance line drive maintains signal integrity even over distances of several hundred metres.

Offering options with gains of 0.1/1 or 10mV/pC the QV/02 offers a solution for all applications. Its small size and low mass are ideal for compact multi channel solutions. With up to 1000g shock withstand capability and tested to DEF-STAN 07-55 vibration specifications the QV-02 is both rugged and flexible offering the most compact solution on the market today.


QV/02-0.1 = 0.1mV/pC gain

QV/02-1 = 1mV/pC gain

QV/02-10 = 10mV/pC gain


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