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Module housings - PC/04

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Mains/battery powered housings for up to 10 single width modules



Housings for up to twelve single width modules including a power supply, input/output signal connectors, module interconnections, for any practicable module combination.

This cost effective solution to what tends to be a fragmented, application specific area of signal processing allows single function modules to be combined to perform a specific vibration/acoustic measurement task with minimal redundancy.

Particular attention is paid to inter module and power supply screening, switchable signal ground/mains earth connection helps in common mode interference reduction.

PC/04/n*/PS :

Mains powered module housings for 2, 4, 6, 8, or 10 single width 04 system modules.


PC/04/n*/PS/XB :

Alternative power sources are catered for to allow operation from 12/28V DC unregulated supplies (Other options on request).

PC/04/n*/PS contains 200/240V, 90/130V, 50/60Hz mains input, ±15V 300mA max O/Pregulated power supply, s/c protected, noise/ripple100µV rms.

PC/04/n/PS/B is mains/battery operated, I/P as above, regulated O/P ±10V, contains rechargeable 700mA/H batteries.

Input connectors : specify Microdot, BNC coaxial, or Lemo two pole. Coaxial connector shells are insulated to minimise crosstalk etc.

Output connectors : BNC or specify multiway shielded or barrier terminals. BNC shells are insulated.