IEPE Impact Hammer Range

The IH range of impact hammers offer a range of 5 hammers ranging from 200N to 50000N.

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The hammers all feature IEPE integrated electronics force transducers for simple connection - direct to analysis front ends or to voltage source instrumentation.

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The IH series IEPE impact hammer range features a rugged force sensor that is integrated into the hammers striking surface.The force sensor serves to provide a measurement of the amplitude of the energy stimulus that is imparted to a test object. A variety of tips supplied with each hammer permit the energy content of the force impulse to be tailored to suit the requirements of the item under test. Using multi-channel data acquisition and analysis software, the test engineer is able to ascertain a variety of mechanical properties leading to an understanding of an objects structural behaviour. Items analysed can include resonance detection, mode shapes, transfer characteristics, and structural health, such as crack and fatigue detection.

IH series impact hammers can be applied for Structure Health Testing, Resonance Determination, Modal Analysis etc.used in association with DJB’s wide range of accelerometers full response data can be captured during impact testing.

All IH Impact Hammers come in their own case with cables and tips.

Model Sensitivity Measuring Range (N) Hammer Mass (gm) Head Diameter (mm) Hammer Length (mm) Output Tips Supplied
IH-01 25mV/N 200 180 21 250 BNC Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Rubber, Nylon
IH-02 2.5mV/N 2000 180 16 250 BNC Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Rubber, Nylon
IH-05 1mV/N 5000 220 20 250 BNC Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Rubber, Nylon
IH-10 0.5mV/N 10,000 1400 45 395 BNC Hard, Medium, Soft
IH-50 0.1mV/N 50,000 1900 45 395 BNC Hard, Medium, Soft