Accelerometer Calibration


With our own in-house accelerometer calibration facilities, we can provide a service for both OEM and non-OEM accelerometers. Whoever the manufacturer of the sensor, we can calibrate it to traceable National Standards.

Our standard calibration service includes a sweep from 10Hz up to a maximum of 10kHz at controlled ambient conditions, we also include a cross axis check (this is rarely checked by other labs.) We can also offer calibration in more extreme environments; extended sweeps from 2Hz to 15kHz, high temperature and high pressure.

The turnaround time of our calibration service is usually 1 to 3 days.

CalibratorFor calibration checks of your own accelerometers before testing why not invest in a VC-01 Handheld Calibrator, this is the perfect tool for calibrating accelerometers should you drop them, or after a long period of storage when you don’t want to send them for a full calibration.