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Cable Types

Choosing the right cable is critical, do you know the difference between low noise and non-low noise cable, other than the price? do you know about triboelectric noise effects? we can help with your cable specification, contact us for advice.

DJB Instruments hold a huge stock of different cable types and sizes to suit all accelerometers, we make all cables to order and can turnaround urgent orders within 24 hours, we can also repair cables to save you money, a majority of cable failures occur at the connector, let us fit a new connector and your cable is as good as new.

                        Twin Core Cable                                              Coaxial Cable                            

Twin Core Cable                                  Triaxial Cable


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Cable Armour

Convoluted Cable                 Braided Armour                PVC Sleeving        

A7       A14       PVc


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