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                                                       Hi, my name is Dynamic Don...


I will be your guide to help you select the correct accelerometer, cable, signal conditioning and accessories.  It is important to consider all the aspects to maximise the quality and accuracy of your data.  Wherever you see me I will be providing some technical information. The old adage of Rubbish In = Rubbish Out is very appropriate when using any sort of sensor. It may be the cheapest part of the acquisition and analysis system, but it is also the most important. 

Did you know that if you use the wrong accelerometer, cable or mounting and don’t calibrate regularly, you can introduce errors of up to 35% into your data!!

The biggest problem is, you will know nothing about it and neither will your very expensive software that is analysing the signal.  All it sees is a voltage and it will analyse whatever it is given. It is YOUR responsibility to handle accelerometers with care and make sure you use and install them correctly.

Remember… everyone at DJB is available to help!!

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