About DJB Instruments


DJB Instruments is a design and manufacturing company that has been supplying quality instrumentsDJB Instruments UK for over 40 years in the test and measurement industry. The company’s main focus is to manufacture piezoelectric accelerometers (IEPE and Charge), dynamic pressure transducers and analogue signal processing instrumentation for engineers working in the following sectors:

• Automotive

• Autosport

• Energy (including nuclear, geo-thermal, wind)

• Aerospace

• Aviation

• Electronics

• Industrial manufacturing (Condition Monitoring)

DJB Instruments was until 2010 called D J Birchall Ltd. It was established in 1974 by Donald Birchall who designed and developed his unique ideas in the field of accelerometers and vibration measurement. The company is based in Mildenhall, Suffolk in the UK where it has 19 staff. 

DJB has a global distribution network and a sales office based in Verdun, France. DJB Instruments provides a full service: consultation, design, manufacturing and supply. We have formed strategic partnerships with businesses and academia to improve Research & Development and produce custom products for a number of different industry sectors. Accelerometers are the most commonly selected transducers to sense vibration motion due to their high accuracy, wideband frequency, dynamic response, small size and weight and ease of installation. Products and services offered by DJB Instruments include:

• Charge Accelerometers

• Voltage IEPE Accelerometers

• Industrial Accelerometers (low cost and differential)

• Charge Tri-Axial Accelerometers

• Voltage Tri-Axial Accelerometers

• Micro-Miniature Accelerometers

• Dynamic Pressure transducers

• In-Line Signal Conditioners

• Instrumented Impact/Modal Hammers

• Hand held calibrators

• Analogue InstrumentationDJB Instruments UK

• Hand-held Meters

• Studs & Magnets

• Cables

• Calibration Services